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We are problem solvers, stress testers and solution providers, providing clarity and direction to clients on potentially complex and overwhelming situations. We are highly experienced in stepping back to take a holistic overview of the issues to be solved and then proactively seeking and recommending cost-effective solutions.

Based in Australia and the UK, and with an unrivalled network of contacts across the globe, our expertise is called on to provide cost-effective solutions when critical problems are identified. Our unique skills and capabilities allow us to identify and design efficient solutions for global issues being faced today.

Our collaborative approach brings together relevant knowledge and experience from across our global networks and multiple sectors to deliver operationally-resilient solutions for government, defence and the intelligence community.

We are relied on by governments, defence sectors, global organisations, national and domestic security and commercial businesses as a trusted advisor to deliver unique insights and consultancy support.

Consultancy and advisory

Intelligence services

Engineering services

Specialist training services

Business advisory services